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VR Experience- Great hall's secret 


Interactive environment with audio and light made with Unity and Udon system

Interactive world demo

​Except the great hall experience, I created some world using Unity and Udon tool to making amazing 3D scene inside VR to let people enjoy the time inside, you can trigger the light, drinking wine,  having a pet following you in a winter lodge, travel to japan and enjoy the hot spring, Designing you're own house by just garbing your furniture effortless, no mention the magic fire works, magic lantern, and flying system to let you fly freely in the sky, and final the Hogwarts great hall to start your magic class.

What can you do in VR world?

There are numerous activities available within the realm of Virtual Reality (VR). One of my preferred pastimes in VR is achieving a state of mindfulness and relaxation. VR stands out as an exceptional environment, seamlessly blending relaxing music, visually captivating scenes, and interactive elements. It serves as an optimal space where one can unwind.

Within this virtual landscape, there exists the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities. These include the ability to draw in mid-air, explore diverse virtual worlds, simulate driving experiences, and socialize with others using personalized avatars. The platform also offers the enjoyment of triggering various hidden gadgets, adding an element of surprise to the experience.

Character making
Including cloths changing, face expressions, customized animations, vfx to let you show who you are inside VR social platform, simply followed the avatar develop pipeline I've create here.

Modeling, Costumed Animation→ Maya, Blender
Texturing→ Photoshop, Midjourney, Vroid
​Character setup to VR→Unity, Python, C#


Hogwarts Project integrative world. 
It's a free world for Hogwarts Mystery fans can immerse themselves into wizard world

There are 3 secret magics you need to find to unlock sorting ceremony.


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