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Kachichi is the embodiment of optimism. No matter how tough life gets, he faces challenges with a determined spirit and a cheerful cluck. His positive outlook is contagious, lifting the spirits of those around him.

Kachichi is known for his kindness and generosity. Despite facing personal struggles, he often goes out of his way to help others, spreading warmth and camaraderie in his community.
You can find KACHICHI on line sticker store, It's a character still under developing under zomation studio



Market test

Upon developing Kachichi, my objective is to transform it into a digital sticker product. The initial step involves exporting each animation into a loop and compressing it within the specified platform size limit, adhering to potentially stricter rules, particularly in markets like Japan. The chosen platform for release is LINE, a predominant social app in Asia. Leveraging my expertise in user acquisition, I am confident in creating a positive impression for Kachichi, ultimately driving successful sales in the subsequent month.

Expand Storyline

Following its initial launch, Kachichi garnered a dedicated fan base who expressed their desire for more intricate background storylines involving this endearing character. Consequently, I have been consistently developing daily stories to meet this demand and further enrich the Kachichi universe.

Navigating the competitive landscape of CG content creation presents a formidable challenge. With countless creators venturing into the realm of crafting their unique IPs, the journey of growing Kachichi into a widely recognized and embraced entity becomes a continuous uphill battle. It demands unwavering commitment and creative ingenuity to stand out amidst the multitude of offerings in the market.

As I persist in shaping Kachichi's narrative and expanding its appeal, I am reminded of the ongoing struggle to carve a distinctive space within the dynamic and fiercely competitive realm of CG content. Nevertheless, it is the passion for storytelling and the connection with the audience that propels me forward, determined to overcome the challenges inherent in developing and nurturing an IP.


To be continued.....

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