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Meta Portal: Storytime



What if you could easily connect with your closest friends and family and feel like you’re in the same room — even when you’re miles apart? Today, we’re excited to announce Portal and Portal+, two new video communication devices for the home that dramatically change the way we keep in touch.


The most challenging aspect of our work in this storytime project (Otto & Llama Llama), where we were tasked with creating and rigging over 100 characters and animations, it only took us 3 month for 2 storybooks to complete. 

During my work life at Buck, I played a crucial role in overseeing Facebook's (now Meta) storytime initiative. Our team was responsible for the end-to-end process of creating, rigging, and animating 3D assets. Notably, the entire spectrum of 2D artistry was crafted using Maya.


Furthermore, I took charge of file management, ensuring the careful organization of files. Additionally, I facilitated the seamless delivery of every animation FBX file to the AR Spark team. This multifaceted experience not only sharpened my skills in project coordination and 3D asset creation but also highlighted my proficiency in efficient file management within a dynamic and collaborative environment.

With the motion detect camera inside meta portal, user can immerse to be one of the character in a story and read it remotely for their family member, and with Spark AR setting, when you make different face expression, the character inside will give the different storyline to the audience.

Total 5 stories transfer to 

a integrative AR product.

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