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St. Louis Aquarium experience



Inside the historic St. Louis Union Station you’ll find this one-of-a-kind aquarium, featuring several interactive exhibits and media attractions designed and handcrafted by the imaginative artists and technical magicians of Moondog Animation Studio, my main part is to create deep ocean finishes such alligator Gar, LanternFish rigs and animations and export to unity to make interactive projection for the museum and the visitors.

The Setting

St. Louis Union Station is a 125 year old train station that served as the key hub of transportation as early Americans ventured from the East to the booming West. This site and the surrounding city has a deep history in American society, culture, and transportation. Elements of this historical significance and train station themed elements can be found throughout the aquarium, including within Moondog’s digital exhibits

Fish Draw

The Fish Draw sponsored by Tetra is a popular destination for Aquarium guests both young and young-at-heart. Guest can add their flair to one of the fish coloring sheets, scan it in, and watch it swim in a virtual Mississippi River!

This interactive experience is located in the Conservation and Education Center of the St. Louis Aquarium which is comprised of interactive science-based exhibits on the topics of water conservation, our local waterways, and the effects of plastic on our rivers and oceans.

This exhibit has recently been featured on the front page of Reddit, has over 2 million views on TikTok, and over 6 million views on Facebook.

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Custom-designed steampunk-themed touchscreen kiosks where guests learn about species found in surrounding tank exhibits.  Nearly every species found in the aquarium was accurately created as a 3D model enabling guests to explore from any angle.

 Guests can also access an aquarium map and search for fish throughout the aquarium.

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