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Unreal Engine Cinematic content

This works are for the Unreal Engine community for advertising that Unreal Engine 5's power, and test the image quality that Unreal Engine 5 can achieve.

Including live face tracking, Luma. Every contents here is created in UE5.


High Fedelity CG Enviroment

This project is using pre-model 3D assets and Unreal Engine to create, thanks to real time lighting system, Lumen in UE5, with latest UE creation tool, we can build authentic, amazing environment in real time for gamine.

Face tracking in Unreal

Digital Avatar is one of the trending future in VR world, with metahuman and
iphone, we can first create whatever realistic avatar we want and import to Unreal Engine, after that, not matter you're going to use on product marketing or cinematic animation create, it's all your call, result is limitless.

Google Api + Unreal case
My base - San Francisco

Google Api is now welcome in Unreal world, In Unreal Engine, the building and global light is under your control, you no longer have to use google earth studio default light. You can bring snow in Egypt,  can let the sun spin 10 rounds a day and also achieve impossible drone camera shot for your video.

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