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Do you want to make your VR world and character ?

Using OSC to fully control
VR world camera

Normally you can only use first person mode to record VR video, this is still WIP work with OSC script to get the full control

in VR world.


Character development

In this stage, we can start with collecting ideas for your avatar, there are tons of styled avatars online already,  you need to consider traits, habits, the background story of your character, the reason to do this is to let your audience have more chance to like your avatar!

You can totally free up your imagination here, you can be a photo, a little mouse, thousand hand bird.

Model your Avatar

In phase 2, some people don't have the skill to use any 3D Software, for those who know Maya, Blender, and other 3d software, will be easier for them to create their own character; For those who first get in this field will recommend using VRoid Studio

to create their own avatar!

For me, I used Blender to complete this task because I want more freedom on my character, remember to use blendeshape to create your facial expression, no need to add skeleton on the face, if you're Vroid user, you don't need to worry about it, but the downside is you'll only have default facial expression.

Export to .Vrm format

There're so many Vtuber softwares on the market now, you can see this video

for more information, but one thing you should keep in mind is most of softwares target to 3D vtuber model need you to convert your avatar to .vmr format, you can do that with unity 3D!

You need UniVrm pack to export your character from Blender to .vrm format

see here to learn more about it.

Additionally, If you want to put it into VRchat world, please go download VRchat SDK to upload you own avatar.

Start your Avatar

You make it! Now is the fun part, In this 

example, I'll use Luppet as my platform to display my Avatar!

Unfortunately, Luppet is not a free software to use, but the UI is very friendly, you just need to open your .vrm file through this app, and remember to install your webcam, then you're good to go!

Streaming with OBS


Now you have everything prepared for streaming, one more thing you need is

OBS or stream lab OBS, these are the software that can put your game or desktop view on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, anywhere you want, but the technic in streaming with OBS is far more complicated than you could think. 


Highly recommended to search some beginner's tutorials on these softwares.

Congratulations you can start your Vtuber life

with this new identity on the internet, 

Feel free to take a look at my channel here!

Let me know you have any questions.


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